Dillingham Ranch & Beach Engagements

Im so excited to share these Dillingham Ranch & Beach Engagements on the blog today!

This was one of my favorite Dillingham Ranch & Beach Engagements. Erika and Dakota were so amazing and I had such a wonderful time being with them and photographing them. We started off in front of Dillingham Ranch coconut grove road and got some photos there. She wore the perfect dress to show off in all of the photos and I wanted to make sure to use that for movement in the photos. Once we got some photos there we headed down to another spot that had this beautiful tall grass and palm trees in the distance. The lighting at the time was so nice and it was just peaking through the palm trees for me to grab that perfect shot. The last thing was the beach and so we hurried over there for sunset. The perfect sunset was setting while we took the photos and no one else was on the beach. We got in the water to get some photos and I was so excited about these ones because water pictures are my favorite. We used that dress again for our advantage, got it wet and splashed around. The photos turned out to be so beautiful and I loved editing all of them and sending them off.

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